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Park Metallurgical/Specialty Chemicals Division
A Division of Heatbath Corporation
8074 Military Avenue
Detroit, Michigan  48204
Phone: 313.895.7215      Fax: 313.895.4844
Email: contact@parko-polishes.com

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For sales and technical information contact:
Tom Walen   Phone: 413.452.2000   Fax: 413.543.2378

To order contact:
David Nagy   Phone: 313.895.7215  Fax: 313.895.4844

 Parko Products have been discontinued.  Please visit C.A.R. Products for comparable products. 
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Parko® is the Specialty Chemicals Division of Park Metallurgical Corporation located in Detroit, Michigan.  Parko, established over 90 years ago, is a leader in the polish and compound industry; manufacturing both liquid and paste polishing compounds having wide applications in the aerospace, marine, automotive, and industrial finishes sectors.  A new line of liquid compounds and polishes (including a liquid wax polish) has just been introduced to complement its long-standing range of paste compounds.  All compounds are body-shop safe and the liquid products offer industry-leading gloss for their category. Parko, unlike many of its competitors, manufacturers all the products its sells.  Through its know-how and extensive experience, Parko has broken the mold by improving process time while decreasing price and material usage.
View our Parko Gloss Guide for easy selection of just the right product for each application.

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Technical Tips for helpful information about product application.  

Contact Us for more information about our extensive line of polishes and compounds. 

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